Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thing #23

The 23 Things completion survey has been submitted and the end of my semester is near. How can it be?? In just a couple of short weeks I can officially call myself a Librarian. I am very proud of myself but more than that, I am proud of the profession. Through my internship, previous library work experience, and professional affiliations, I have witnessed the true devotion others have dedicated to the work they do in the name of librarianship. It is an honor to be in the profession and I look forward to contributing to the purpose and vision of libraries in the future.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thing #22

Since this blog wasn't my first and it was created for the purpose of 23 Things and my internship, I must say that it will quietly drift into the desolate blog graveyard. I won't continue to update it once my internship ends.

This blog was beneficial because it encouraged me to take a longer look at some of the tools available to libraries and use that as a focus point. It has been great reading the blogs of others because so many have shared realistic uses for the tools within their libraries! I think one great takeaway from this program is that it is worth trying to use these tools. Give the technologies an opportunity to connect with patrons. As with any type of programming, it may take a little while for new things to catch on, but with most of these tools, many of the patrons are already using them. Make the connection!

Thing #21

Considering my very non-technical, non-foolproof method of time management, I really wish these tools would have been available to me in my earliest of student days. These Student 2.0 Tools are brilliant and are a great idea for libraries to promote in YA programming! I believe any guidance students can receive on keeping organized and managing time is worthwhile.

I tested the Assignment Calculator for a fake English & Literature assignment due April 15. It mapped out a 12-step process and included instruction on how to accomplish each step. In order to follow the process, I think a couple of extra steps should be included to cover the time needed to learn HOW to do some of the recommended steps. :) All in all, I do believe these are useful and practical tools for students.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

23 Take Away 20

There are only t-h-r-e-e things left to complete! Right On!!

Thing #20

I've been a Bookcrosser since 2002. In fact, I established the Yahoo Group that meets monthly in Jacksonville. Since beginning, I have released 769 books into the wild, including three a couple days ago. I set those "free" at Panera and saw two people "find" the books while I was having lunch. I love finding out where my books have gone and appreciate the people who have taken the extra time to log their finds. Without them, there'd be no fun in it at all.

I think anything that encourages or enhances reading is a good thing. Even the Internet. Most of my reading these days is online. Due to my studies, I read a lot of articles and book materials in .pdf form. Additionally, I have text books and this semester, I'm reading a gazillion young adult books. I look forward to getting back to reading for pleasure and when I do, I intend to participate in some reading groups through Booksprouts. A friend, and librarian, recommended the site about a month ago and said she enjoyed sharing a book discussion through the site with a group of friends.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thing #19

Since getting my first computer in 1996, I've used it as a way to stay connected and socialize with friends near and far. This has also allowed me to make new friends through a variety of online social networks. I have friends in motorcycling forums and crafting friends who like to swap handmade goods. Now that I'm up to my eyeballs in the library world, I use social networking sites to talk shop with others in the profession.

Just a couple weeks ago I logged into a WebJunction webinar about 23 Things. More than 200 other library folk joined in to learn how to implement a 23 Things program and get ideas on how to promote the program's benefits to participants. The library community came together, online, to learn and share... to collaborate on a topic I find very beneficial to library staff.

I've recently joined Ning, but haven't really gotten involved. Several peers use Ning as a meeting place to share information, experiences, and ideas about library-related topic and recommend that I explore it further. I will when time allows.

National Library Workers Day

Mark your calendars on Tuesday, April 14 for National Library Workers Day! I love their tag line: Libraries Work Because We Do!